From The Couch: Joakim Noah’s Wingspan Capable Of Wrangling Three Chicks At Once

joakim-chicks-sideWe know one of these ladies works for the NBA. We know Joakim Noah sometimes shows up to work in the NBA.

What a slow offseason for Noah.

It’s like we haven’t heard anything out of this doper since the Bulls dropped out of the playoffs.

Those beach photos where he was with the full chested (and naked) chick just kinda flew under the radar.


And to be fair, Drew Gooden got in on the fun with this trio, too.


From the black chick referencing Gooden:

“He kept asking about my “sister” lol! Sakhorn, whom he’s in love with”

Um, that is code for, “You aren’t that hot but I’d totally stick it in your sister.”

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