Brian “Boom Goes The Dynamite” Collins Career At Waco’s KXXV Is Over?


The “Boom Goes The Dynamite” days in Waco, Texas appear to be over.

You know Brian Collins as the anti-Anchorman. The stammering freshman is best known as the guy who’s sports broadcasting career was defined by a single catch phrase that captured the hearts and minds of early YouTube users.

Collins, who became news again in 2008 for landing an actual professional TV job, appears to be history at Waco’s ABC-affiliate KXXV.


His profile on the Meet The Team page – gone. A search of the KXXV archive shows that Collins’ final report came on May 15.

The Ohio native has disappeared from broadcasting. Two days of searching hasn’t turned over any leads. Facebook pages dedicated to the Ball State grad are silent. Google News? Nothing.

Google search for “Brian Collins KXXV fired?” The same. Wikipedia? Yet to be updated.

From all indications, Dynamite was nearing his one-year anniversary in Waco which usually spells trouble for young reporters. Single year contracts are the norm in the industry for just out of college reporters.

No renewal? Victim of tough economic times? Fired?

We’re still efforting a final word on status of Collins, but if one of his final live reports (May 13) is any indication, not much changed during his short career. Collins, covering a pot growing operation story, was still stammering all these years later.

Brian Collins interview circa 2005 [ESPN]

Brian Collins [Wikipedia]

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