Weekend Update: Going To See 6-Foot-7 In Cleveland Hospital: Part Two


Update (06-20-09): Going back out to Cleveland today to visit our buddy. No posts this afternoon. Enjoy golf and baseball. We’ll be back tomorrow.

Many of you wrote a few weeks back when we made the announcement that our best friend and commenter, 6-foot-7 (yes, he’s 6’7), was in a freak accident where was refereeing club volleyball in Cleveland, went unconscious and fell from the chair.

He landed on his head, fracturing his skull.

That was around May 3.

Today will be the first time we’ve seen him in this condition. There are some positives that have occured over the last 4 weeks. He has been brought out of the coma, is responding to verbal commands and has even been in a chair.

But there remain issues, as you could imagine.

Brandon has been our great friend since the college days. Think of your buddy who is always up for road trips, football games, guy’s weekends, having beers with and talking about life. That’s what has been temporarily taken away.

So…do yourself a favor and get the hell out of the house, hug your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/gay partner, take the kids for a bike ride, go sit and have lunch by the lake, call your dad to see if he wants to go see a baseball game, let the wind hit you in the face, etc.

It can all be taken away in an instant as if you needed a reminder.


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