Daily Dump: Top Athletes With Illegitimate Kids, Hump Happy Columbian Soccer Mascot, 200 Sexiest Female Athletes, WAG Mismatches, NHLers Ripped Off For Strippers/Porn Stars & New Kournikova Butt Shots



May we suggest a roll in the hay with Mirela this weekend?

Congrats to all those golf freaks who spent huge money on tickets to the U.S. Open.

Enjoy sloshing through the water all weekend. There isn’t much better in sports than being rained on for three days in tropical humidity.

We’ve spent the last 24 hours watching the Artie Lange vs. Joe Buck battle of words and must say that we didn’t find Artie that funny. Tony ‘Homo’ was pretty weak, but ripping on Michael Irvin was cool. It’s hilarious how New Yorkers make such events into major news. You people think way to much of yourselves.



Today’s Dump:

Happy Father’s Day: Top Male Athletes With Illegitimate Kids [Gunaxin]

Get dad a stupid tattoo for Pop’s Day [More Hardball]

The hump happy Columbian soccer mascot has been ramming everything [Dirty Tackle]

WAG mismatches list updated: men who don’t deserve these women [Who Ate All The Pies]

200 Sexiest Female Athletes – seems a little long, got bored after #127 [Manofest]

Jeremy Roenick gives NHL Awards Show some great moments [TotalProSports]

Real estate investor rips off NHLers, blows money on strippers and porn stars [BigLeagueScrew]

How well do you know the sports blogosphere: a trivia contest [SimonOnSports]

Baseball much more fun when the umpire has Tourette’s [The Bachelor Guy]

Ever been passed out on a toilet? Maybe you’re in this gallery [Holy Taco]

American Idol dad busted at a massage parlor receiving happy ending? [Flisted]

MSNBC guides couples through sex [Blog Of Hilarity]

Today’s Tail:

Some poon for those up tight Taliban douches: Ji-Hotties [Coed]

Blogger vacations with Audrina Patridge [Don Chavez]

It has been awhile since we’ve seen Paris Hilton in a bikini [UseMyComputer]

New Anna Kournikova jeans butt shots [CelebSlam]

Speaking of new shots, Carmen Electra has been working [CamelTap]

Tori Spelling takes her giant implants on vacation to Hawaii [The Daily Fix]

Looking for Chanelle Hayes cameltoe pics? Here you go [DJ Mick]

Implanted Brit Katie Price warns women that she’ll cut a b!tch [Tabloid Prodigy]

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