Cassie Keller – America’s Soon To Be Hottest College Sophomore – Poses Nude For Figure Drawing Classes



From time to time we get tidbits of info via readers about the doings of Central Michigan student and Playboy model Cassie Keller.

The latest news is that Keller is one of Playboy’s June Cyber Girls, which means we get new naked photos to look at.

And a small interview that is going to set off alarms in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, the home to CMU.

“I’d personally love to get to know anyone who takes the time to look at my pictures,” says Cassie, a nude model for college figure drawing classes.

Look at your pictures? How about getting to know the bloggers who made Ms. Keller famous as “America’s Hottest College Freshman.”

So, let us make this simple for any CMU readers. Get your ass in gear and signup for this class – NOW!

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