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Nightcapper: Win Concert Tickets Courtesy Of Guitar Hero 5!


It’s that time again where we offer BC freaks with the opportunity to land FREE SH!T.

Our friends at Guitar Hero are trying to hook you up with concert tickets.

The details:

Guitar Hero 5 will be here this September, to mark the occasion, Activision is giving you a chance to win a total of 25 tickets (5 tickets for 5 concerts) to concerts of your choice. Go to the Official Guitar Hero 5 site for more info.

Check out the site and register: Guitar Hero 5 Official Site

While you are there, download a free .mp3 from a Guitar Hero 5 featured group (Wolfmother); it’s free so why not?

Register. Login.

Do what’s needed and win some concert tickets. Oh, and if you win, look us up and BC will buy the beers if invited to the show. Deal?

Win 5 Tickets, 5 Concerts From Guitar Hero 5 [Guitar Hero]

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