Arkansas College World Series TV Reporter Wants To Apologize For Implying LSU Fans Are Punks



Mike Irwin has had a great week for his career which is headed into its twilight.

Until this week at the College World Series his biggest moments were few and far between for this Fayetteville sports reporter. And then a bunch of teens interrupted his weekend CWS liveshot, which led to a link on ESPN and he became an instant YouTube cult hero.

Watch today’s video where Mike would like to say “my bad” to LSU fan for implying they’d be the idiots responsible for such stupidity.

We must also congratulate the local affiliate for making an even bigger mockery of television journalism by creating a poll for this situation. (If it’s even possible to make a mockery out of a mockery.)

What, no “Does Mike deserve a high-class Omaha prostitute to help ease his nerves after this incident,” poll available?


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