Who Ya Got: Krystal Gray or Hemi Girl???


Krystal Gray and Melissa Anne Teixeira, aka Hemi Girl, have been in the headlines of blogs a lot lately.

From a war of words over Lingerie Football, to the interesting idea of a pudding wrestling match, Krystal Gray and Hemi Girl are the stars of the next great media cat fight.

Busted Coverage has done our best to stir the pot, but now, we ask our readers to decide who is hotter:

Krystal Gray or Hemi Girl???

Hemi Girl:

Melissa Anne Teixeira was slated to start at QB for the New England Euphoria. Since then, the Euphoria have folded, and Hemi Girl has pulled out of the LFL.

Krystal Gray:

Krystal Gray is the starting QB for the New York Majesty of the Lingerie Football League. She is the face of the New York franchise.

*we can’t get the poll to work, so feel free to voice you opinions in “comments”*

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