Waking up to Megan Fox

Waking up next to Megan Fox would be more impressive than throwing a hard 5 at a craps table in Vegas.

In honor of the LA Lakers taking home another NBA title, we bring you a little Hollywood via Megan Fox.

The Lakers beat the Magic 99-86 in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher picked up their 4th rings, while Phil Jackson added his 10th. With his tenth title, Phil Jackson has surpased Red Auerbach as the most winning coach in League history.

Kobe Bryant was named Finals MVP. More importantly for Kobe, he won a title with out Shaq. (wonder if Kobe texted Shaq asking how his ass tastes)

Enough of the Lakers….we know non of our readers have bedded Megan Fox. (*if you have, email asap*) So, we give you the next best thing…Megan Fox Pictures.

*Editors note- We know the odds of hitting a Hard 5. Still, we have witnessed a drunk idiot throw a $100 chip on the table and call “Hard 5.” This was especially hard to witness while we were playing the pass line with our $5 chips.

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