Daily Dump: Two Female Penguins’ Fans Celebrate On Top Of Each Other, WSOP Bikini Bottom, Tim Sylvia Getting Chunky, Paris Hilton Gets Gold Digged And A 19-Year-Old Israeli Stunner


Perfectly acceptable use of jorts.

A quick little Dump is all you guys really need this morning. Don’t miss the Penguins chicks or the WSOP bikini ass.

Two great sports-related pics to get the weekend started.

We’ll be here for a couple posts over the next two days. Nothing major so if you don’t come back until Monday, have a great one.

Be safe.



Today’s Dump:

A great pic of two Penguins chicks on top of each other (our congratulatory link) [Four Habs Fans]

A crazy story on the design process behind Stanley Cup winner’s gear [PuckDaddy]

WSOP is ongoing and this link is all you need to really see right now (bikini bottom) [Slanch Report]

Celebrity captions from the NBA Finals [World of Isaac]

Tim Sylvia weighing in at 310 as he prepares to fight Ray Mercer [CageWriter]

Interesting sports question to ponder over weekend: best team over last 10 years [Angry T]

19-year-old Israeli model makes YouTube video for our buddy’s blog [Uncoached]

Same Israeli model from the ass end [Coed]

Finally! A male gold digger took Paris Hilton to cleaners [CelebSlam]