Nicole LaFosse – NHL’s Version Of Kige Ramsey – Doesn’t Mind A Woman’s Lips On Hers

Ms. LaFosse (left) during her have drinks and kiss chicks stage.

It’s Game 7 night for the NHL.

And we know one Pittsburgh Penguins fan that has gained quite a following during the ’09 playoffs for her chest (and videos) who is on pins and needles as Sids and Malks prepare for the biggest game of their lives.

Nicole LaFosse is that fan. You might know the name from her recent YouTube video discoverd by With Leather and others. She’s being called the female version of Kige Ramsey.

Yeah, if Kige had a huge rack and liked going small mouth bass on chicks.

From our brief, but informative, research on Ms. LaFosse we discovered that she’s Canadian so maybe that lip to lip action is just a friendly handshake amongst chicks in Nova Scotia.

And single. Likes Mitch Albom quotes and Hockey Night In Canada.

We also figured out that she’s a huge Penguins fan, hence the Game 7 video she released (see below, you’ve been warned – it’s long) where she breaks down the game and then picks Pittsburgh.

Makes sense.

Anyway, we’re sad to see things end for Ms. LaFosse after tonight. Maybe she’ll start repping the Canadian Football League during the offseason.

Now if only we could figure out how to get this chick and Sarah Spain into the same studio.



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