In Random Chick News: Miss Arizona Alicia-Monique Blanco ‘SO READY’ To Become Miss USA – God Willing



We try to stay away from Miss USA news and drama because these chicks remind us of the jersey chasers from back in the day who talk too much and spend 45 minutes in the john.

But Art McGregor snagged this nugget from Alicia-Monique Blanco’s Facebook. She is the current Miss Arizona who could become Miss USA since Carrie Prejean has been fired.

It’s Friday so we’ll go to the experts on this one – The Phoenix New Times:

Blanco was 2nd runner-up in the April 19 Miss USA pageant, edged out by Carrie Prejean — the 1st runner-up — and Dalton. Prejean has been replaced by Tami Farrell as Miss California, but Farrell doesn’t automatically slip into the 1st-runner-up position for Miss USA, explains Tricia Langa, director of domestic licensing for Miss Universe.

Holy F@!k!

Just put some chick into the position who looks good, can complete a sentence and knows where St. Louis is on a map.

Look, it’s in the center of the g-damn country. Throw a dart straight and you can’t miss it.


But we must give Blanco credit for playing the God card in the FB post.

Because we all know God loves his bikini-wearing hot chicks.

Of course Ms. Blanco wants that g-damn crown. She’s thinking about it every second. In her dreams. In the sack. In the shower. Etc.

Not that she’d cut a bitch to get it, but these women mean business.

That’s all from us today. No more bimbo broads and stupid news. Between the Lingerie Football League and this, our week has been pretty much shit and implants.








And finally….with you know who. The geography expert.

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