Daily Dump: Marisa Miller Says Boobs Are Real, Marcin Gortat’s Car Is Fast, NASCAR Pit Stop In Times Square, Taylor Mays Talks Song Girls And Jessica Biel Looking Classy



We’re totally voting Ms. Prince for Ms. Coed, June.

What’s up with Mower Guy® cutting grass at 7:03 a.m.?

Does that yard really need to be cut while most people are watching Matt Lauer and thinking of another horrible day at work?

How about keeping that lawn slicing machine in the garage until, say, 8:30.?

Yep, some guy is mowing his lawn outside BC HQ which is really throwing off this Dump. If your link didn’t show up, blame it on Mower Guy.



Today’s Dump:

Headline News: SI legendary model Marisa Miller says the chest is all real [Don Chavez]

Orlando Magic dancers put on Cirque de Soleil show during Game 3 [Blaze of Love]

Magic’s Marcin Gortat has fastest car in NBA? And he’s white, foreign [FanHouse]

Yep, WAG Sophie has some implants on that chest [The Spoiler]

Chick runs onto field to hug pitcher Chris Young [SportsRubbish]

Raul Ibanez has had enough shit from Midwestern sports fan, unleashes [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Awesome! A NASCAR pit stop in the middle of Times Square [From The Marbles]

USC’s Taylor Mays wants to tell you all about the Song Girls [TotalProSports]

What to get dad for Father’s Day? Cufflinks made from actual pro sports balls [The Bachelor Guy]

50 Greatest Caucasian Gang Banger Photos [Manofest]

7 Signs That You Are An Adult [Holy Taco]

The new energy drink all the hipsters are drinking: Pussy (seriously) [Flisted]

Woman pitches mattress with $1 million built in [Blog of Hilarity]

Today’s Tail:

Those sunglasses have to be fake – no? [Sublime Blog]

An interesting list of what celebrity vag tastes like [CelebJihad]

A gallery dedicated to chicks grabbing boobs [Uncoached]

Adriana is not getting kicked out of our sack [on205th]

Same with Yamila [CelebSlam]

Jessica Biel looking all classy [CamelTap]

Blogger gets hot chick to put his name on her ass (def. NSFW) [Phil Knows Best]

Deal or No Deal’s fire crotch [Gunaxin]

New bikini modeling props – dogs? [Horny Oyster]

Some Heather Graham nip action in London [The Daily Fix]

We’re not sure who Rebecca Loos is, but here is a gallery [UseMyComputer]

A history of strip club injuries [Asylum]

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