Cuff ‘Em: Sh!t Covered Floridian Has Message For Cops – "Tase me, mother (expletive)"



Well, this one will be making waves across the morning DJ radio shows down in Florida.

Meet 27-year-old Shane Albert King, a guy who breaks into trucks to sleep and take dumps.

On himself. On the plush interior. Down his legs. Everywhere.

And it all resulted in one of “2009’s Greatest Cuff ‘Em Police Reports.”

King to police:

King began to yell, “(Expletive) you, pigs. I’ll (expletive) all over you too. I’m going to throw my (expletive) in your mouth.”

We’re perplexed with the last Mad Lib because it could be penis, crap, balls, etc. Go to UrbanDictionary and pick your own favorite.

[NWF Daily News]

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