Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Bust Out Bikinis, Get Eco-Conscious In Aruba For 2009 Calendar

A couple weeks ago we were pretty moody and actually suggested that NFL cheerleader calendars shouldn’t be photographed in foreign countries and instead should be shot in the U.S. as a Cheerleader Stimulus Package.

After seeing the photos that came back from the Philadelphia Eagles recent visit to Aruba, that has to be the worst idea to ever come from BC brains.

The Philly ladies shot in Aruba to bring awareness to global warming, the Inky reports.

The calendar shoot went well, and Aruba’s desert area fit into this year’s global-warming theme, said Zaun.

Except when one cheerleader stepped on some cactus.

“We were able to get that feeling of being very hot and dry,” said Zaun.

“I kind of felt like a jungle woman,” said rookie Tracey Dunn, 22, of Philadelphia.

She obviously has never been to the Delmarva Peninsula. That area is crazy. One wrong step and a rogue thistle can slice your leg off.

Thankfully the women arrived back to grimy Philadelphia with an experience to tell their grandchildren when the polar ice caps are completely melted. These women can at least say they did their part.

Jennifer Kaiser, 26, back for a fifth season with the squad, posed in the surf at sunset, wearing a necklace whose mini-stop signs with a flaming Earth symbolically say “Stop Global Warming.”

The piece was from Cool Planet Jewelry, whose sales benefit, said the LaSalle grad and longtime Philadelphia resident.

We love Earth conscious cheerleaders. They are the best.

[Photos by R. Ganley]

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