Even More Lingerie Football League Drama!@! HemiGirl Vs. Krystal Gray Pudding Match?



HemiGirl (right) sizing up her opponent at a charity pudding match for fallen officers.

Yesterday we threw out the suggestion that QBs HemiGirl and Krystal Gray should settle their differences with a pudding or coleslaw wrestling match.

And out of thin air we receive an email with photos of HemiGirl, who is somewhat experienced in this area of bikini modeling.

PS- she wouldn’t stand a chance with me in a pudding match …
Cuz this girl didnt! Been there, done that…. next?


Yes, we enjoy this gig. Very much, thank you.


This Hemi vs. Gray war doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Expect more fur to start flying after this pudding match challenge.

Gray took to her Facebook account to come after us which we really enjoy because it isn’t every day we get free publicity from a Lingerie Football League QB. It would be like Matt Ryan (with implants) repping us after a Monday Night Football game.


We’re not sure who this Skylar chick is but give us a couple days. She’ll be getting her own spread on BC.

For now you’ll have to stand a Krystal Gray gallery to ease the pain of working at a shitty job in the middle of June while your out of work buddies are spending government money on the golf course.

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