Daily Dump: Jessica Simpson Motorboating, No Implants For Morgan Pressel, Gisele Does Shoot Minus Brady, Reggie Miller’s Tramp Stamp, Wake Up With Sugey Abrego & Fiesta de 69



Where Tony Romo goes motorboating. Here!

Just what the NHL needed. Crosby-Malkin making a return trip to Detroit for Game 7.

Probably just what Detroit needed, too. Home game with chance to win the Cup. You can’t really rip up the town much more than it already is so this could be fun Saturday night.

Maybe they could get possible rioters to move over to Michigan and Trumbull and finish off Tigers Stadium.



Today’s Dump:

No, Morgan Pressel won’t be getting her boobs enhanced, thank you [WithLeather]

Gisele does some sexy shoot for Vicki Secret, Tom not in room [CamelTap]

Who knew Reggie Miller had a reverse tramp stamp? [Banned In Hollywood]

Anna Kournikova spotted by paps at a newsstand, gets our attention [CelebSlam]

Horace Grant Twitter-Gate: Dennis Scott thinks HG has acct., really a blogger [Horace Grant Halftime Report]

10 Rodeo Accidents That’ll Make You Happy To Work In Finance [Uncoached]

Sport photos that will make your Hump Day that much better [Funtasticus]

Video: that pole vault rod isn’t supposed to explode [Total Pro Sports]

18 Casino Heists From Around The World [Destroy The Odds]

Farting Videos: Top 10 Hot Chicks Letting ‘Em Rip [Manofest]

Video: Women born not shutting up [Blog of Hilarity]

Video: Saved By The Bell’s Zack Morris returns to TV via Jimmy Fallon [ScreenJunkies]

This is pretty cool: win chance to reenact The Hangover in Vegas [The Bachelor Guy]

Today’s Tail:

Yep, totally ready for some Sugey Abrego [on205th]

If that doesn’t do the job, move over to Maria Venus [Coed]

Fiesta de 69 [Don Chavez]

Kelly Ripa has no idea how quick we’d rip off this dress [UseMyComputer]

This chick has crazy ass name, crazy ass [Flisted]

Hot women dressed as hot video game characters [Holy Taco]

Hottest Ladies of Friday The 13th [Gunaxin]

How about the Babes of G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra [Cuzoogle]

20-year-old Ashley likes taking shots in the mirror [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Probably the shortest skirt man has ever created [DJ Mick]

Meital Dohan from Weeds struggles to keep top on in surf [The Superficial]

Video: Torrie Wilson gives you a reason to watch “I’m A Celebrity….” [Rumors and Rants]

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