More Lingerie Football League DRAMA!@!: HemiGirl & LFL QB Krystal Gray In Facebook War Of Words!


Lingerie Football League

HemiGirl and Gray in happier times – training camp.

You guessed it.

The Lingerie Football League war of words between Melissa Anne Teixeira and the league won’t stop.

Now we have a New England (Melissa, A.K.A. HemiGirl) tangling with current New York Majesty QB Krystal Gray (also spelled with an E depending on modeling assignment) in a Facebook war of words between two women who, frankly, should settle this in a chocolate pudding pit.

Gray took to her Facebook page (this is what the world has come to) defending the LFL and her QB abilities after catching wind of yesterday’s Busted Coverage report on HemiGirl resigning without taking a snap.

Well, as you can expect, Ms. Teixeira wasn’t going to take crap off any New York-based QB.


Confused yet? Before being transferred to the New York Majesty.

In an email to BC HQ, HemiGirl had this to say:

Miss Gray seems to think that I myself contacted you by seeking publicity, in which I did not and I know for a fact that you can back me up on it…. in fact I don’t even know how you found my blog at all and that is the honest truth.

That’s right, Ms. Gray. We were actually contacted over the weekend by a BC reader who alerted us to the fact that there was a war of words. Frankly, we would prefer to see both of you in bikinis fighting in a giant martini glass (like in the Poconos) filled with coleslaw, but we can enjoy this fight, too.

Hemi also has some words for the LFL:

There is no credibility on something being dubbed “professional” if they have never played. It is obvious that the league is built on T&A if they turned away all star athletes because they were over dressed. Come on – “professional athletes”?? I think not! There is no athleticism shown when you don’t give them a chance because they are over dressed. But sex sells so more power to them, just don’t sell it on my dime!

Well, that is a first. A bikini model going against the grain to bash a league built on T&A.

Ok, back to the Facebook spat.


Again, that’s right. Melissa never contacted us. We rarely have hot chicks just randomly emailing BC. It’s a dream, but not actually happening at this time.


Ms. Gray


Yes! A YouTube video featuring the throwing abilities like a Pop Warner parent posting highlight videos of his kid.

We’ll ask HemiGirl to make this happen.

Thanks ladies. You are making our week. This is so much fun.


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One more of Ms. Gray

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