Detroit Red Wings Fan Takes Limo To Pittsburgh, Gets Middle Fingers & Many "F You’s"


wings-fan-limoBy now you’ve seen the Detroit Red Wings limo guy’s ride.

The jacked up Wings-mobile is pretty hard to miss especially when it rolls into Pennsylvania where the owner took it last week for the Stanley Cup.

As you can imagine, Pittsburgh degenerates had some choice words and played the trump card, ripping on the Lions.

Detroit’s Fox 2 was along for the awesome ride.

Posted: June 7, 2009

From The Vlogger: Taking it to the Penguins Detroit Limo owner of Entertament Express So the Penguins why Detroit is Hockey Town anybody in Pittsburg have a Penguins limo! Our Football team stinks but our Hockey Team can not be beat! and This will always be Hockey Town! Lets Go Red Wings!!

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