Lingerie Football League DRAMA!!! New York Majesty QB Resigns Amid Financial Spat With League Officials


Darren Rovell – you listening?

You throw 20-some women into lingerie, place them in a multi-purpose arena in front of 1,500 or so drunken frat boys and you are going to have drama.

Ahh, but the sh!t is already hitting the fan for the New York Majesty and the Lingerie Football League.

Their quarterback, Melissa Anne Teixeira (also known as HemiGirl in the modeling community), released a statement last week telling league officials that she was pulling a Favre and going home to pursue other interests -without taking an official LFL snap.


The reason (as you would expect)? Money.

In a well written 4-5 paragraph letter, HemiGirl lays out her reasons and the LFL probably ripped it up and annointed some other hot chick to be the signal caller.

Melissa’s story with the LFL goes like this (we’ll try to make this quick).

  1. She tries out for New England team (is named QB)
  2. New England team folds
  3. She’s asked to be the New York QB. Accepts duties.
  4. Starts promoting team on FoxNews, whatever station is looking for ratings that day.
  5. Practices with team, participates in photoshoots that are uploaded to the Internet within hours.
  6. Starts to realize she’s spending a ton of money promoting this league. Out of her own pocket.
  7. Comes to realization that if she doesn’t play in a game she doesn’t get paid.
  8. Figures she’d have to relocate to NY region to make it financially.
  9. Wouldn’t have health care.
  10. Takes her hot body and implants back to Mass.

This is really a tragedy because there are hundreds of car freaks out there who were dreaming of watching a car model hit a wide receiver on a post pattern.

Melissa was the crossover athlete/model the LFL could really use as a PR machine.

It won’t be happening.

While the publicity was appreciated, press can not be put in my wallet. It seems that I have already come out of pocket to be a part of this league and I can not continue to do so. This is the most honest & sincere decision that I can make.

With everything in mind, I would like to say that I need to wait out the inaugural LFL season while anticipating the possible return of the New England Euphoria. Drawing a fan base from New England while playing for a New York team would not only be difficult, but it would be unfair and would take away from the team, as I would not be able to successfully contribute to the goal of ticket sales and promotion.

That’s right, she’s saying that being from New England and playing for New York would go against her morals.

The fans of New England are true to themselves and their teams, and I would like to remain a part of New England as this is my home.

Isn’t it a breath of fresh air that athletes are willing to sacrifice for the good of their hometown? Melissa isn’t going all CC Sabathia on her town. She’s not running for the money (or lack of).

We’re now fans of HemiGirl and expect you will be too after taking a look at her portfolio.

Give her web presence some clicks and maybe even talk politics with her. She’s a solid women with her head on straight.

[HemiGirl Blog]

[My Letter Of Resignation – LFL]


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