Better Weekend For Black Guy: Tiger Woods At Memorial Or Phil Ivey Winning WSOP Bracelet, Estimated $12 Million In Side Bets?



So you watched Tiger Woods make a few decent shots to win The Memorial this weekend.

Then he went home to Elin with $1,080,000.

That was good and all but there was another black guy having a decent weekend. Phil Ivey was busy winning a bracelet at the 2009 WSOP Deuce-To-Seven tourney.

He won $96,361 for the victory, but as reported on Tao of Poker, Ivey also took home an estimated (via pretty well known rumors in the poker community) $12 million in side bets with poker pros.

See, poker pros don’t really care about that small purse. The real action at the WSOP is whether a guy will/won’t win a bracelet.


The $12 million or this? We’re saying give us the money.

More from BJ Nemeth on the financial home run:

Whatever the final number, this ultimately turned out to be the biggest tournament score in poker history. And there are now rumors that Ivey is betting on himself to win another bracelet this year at increased odds. (Not sure who would take those odds, but there are probably some players eager to recover their losses from this bracelet.)

May we suggest you follow the Tao of Poker for the next 6 weeks or so. Pauly and his crew of poker reporters are the best in the business.

You won’t hear of the Ivey news via the AP, ESPN or USA Today.

Tao continues to kick mainstream media’s ass at the WSOP. Now go visit and maybe click on a link to help support Pauly’s operation.

[2009 WSOP Day 10: Just Another Day in the Office: Phil Ivey Wins His Sixth Bracelet — and $12 Million]

[Tao of Poker]

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