Lingerie Football League & Philadelphia Passion’s Dani Lynn Hearts Roadhead


dani-lynn-smallBC continues to bring you what can be considered some of the best Lingerie Football League news on the web.

While Darren Rovell is busy getting into the financials of the league, this site can’t seem to pull itself away from the Facebooks and MySpaces for LFL players.

It’s like Disneyland for adults who want to combine their passion for football and women.

And we get such nuggets (photos) of the Philadelphia Passion’s Dani Lynn.


This isn’t your grandmother’s football league. These players have a past and it usually encompasses a wide variety of sultry photos and interesting modeling campaigns such as the shoot Dani Lynn worked.

Might we suggest you don’t take your daughters to the LFL like you would the WNBA.

You won’t find Dani on certain postings of the Passion’s roster because these women change their names faster than a pedophile on the run from police.


Dani’s Facebook update last night mentioned something about appearing this morning on Fox & Friends to do some LFL agility drills with that douche Brian Kilmeade.

Sounds like fun, but we missed it while going through the 77 Ways You Should Know You Are Too Stoned post.

Then we ate an entire bag of Doritos and started looking for new porn.

It was quite a morning.








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