$75 To Hear Layla Kiffin To Speak At Tennessee Women’s Football Clinic

Inset Photo by Amy Smotherman Burgess

We’re huge fans of college football clinics for women.

Maybe you remember a couple of weeks ago, women going camera crazy for some South Carolina Gamecock football studs hitting the weightroom.

Or last year when Frank Beamer had his footballers stripping for the ladies.

But the Holy Grail of coach clinic moments will take place next Friday. Lane Kiffin is rolling out his wife to do a Q&A for the ladies, reports Clay Travis at FanHouse.

This is huge news for men, too.

It won’t be long before Layla Kiffin is giving speeches to us. And recruits. And doing commercials. And wearing awesome outfits to football games.

And parading around as the hot football coach wife.

Tennessee football is back and all it took was Layla coming to town.

[Layla Kiffin Hosts Football Event, May Be Tennessee’s Biggest Star]

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