College Football ’09 Countdown: Miami U.’s Allie Is A Cheerleader And Wear Bikinis



We continue our 16-part series “College Football Countdown ‘09″ with a closer look at Miami of Ohio cheerleader Allie.

Art McGregor quest rolls on to find hot college chicks for Busted Coverage readers with this stop in Oxford, Ohio. We were sorta apprehensive about Art making two consecutive visits to a mid-major but we think you’ll agree Allie is worth it.

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The email report from McGregor:

Loving Allie for a couple reasons. First is that she’s not a bikini model. Didn’t want to just stroll out 16 bikini models during this series. Yes, we got a couple bikini shots of her but this isn’t her M.O. For a long time I didn’t know what “M.O.” meant. We’re still in that long time.

Secondly, she’s a cheerleader. I’m the nation’s leading vocal critic on the plague of ugly girls cheerleading in college, but this one breaks the mold. How do you get better looking than her? If you were dating her, how don’t you just sit around in your undies staring at her while you blog in your parents’ basement. You may or may not be eating Fritos during in this situation.

Allie’s a sophomore to be at Miami (Ohio). She’s on the cheerleading squad and (not much) else matters about her.








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