The Afternoon Dump: Rodney Harrison Is Gay, Chad Pennington Doesn’t Have Twitter, Top 10 Stripper Scenes In Movies, Mercedes Is A Hot Girl, Uncoachable Woman, and Some Long Tongue Girls



A hot 20-something year old.

Sorry for the late dump.

Not much to say other than money sucks.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Rodney Harrison possibly gay [Punting on Third]

A lesson in cultural sensitivity [Sports Crackle Pop]

Chad Pennington doesn’t have a twitter, sorry to let you down [Sportress of Blogitude]

Baseball decides to wear uniforms [Vent About Sports]

Vincent Jackson likes these big ones [Laddy McFaddy]

Top 10 stripper scenes in movies [Crazy Dribble]

Birthday gift’s true meaning in life [Holy Taco]

DUI’s stay together [Tasty Booze]

6 most common facebook profile pictures [College Candy]

Mercedes is one hot girl that you and I both would like to have [MoonDog]

Just another uncoachable babe [uncoached]

41 freakishly long tongue girls [Coed]

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