The Afternoon Dump: Reality Show Craziness, NHL Needs Help, Indiana Loves Baseball, Soccer Celebration Turned Bad, Sexual Harassment, Pointless Machine, and Australians Know How To Work



Kendra Wilkinson wants you to really watch her show.

Hailed last night which then brought the tornado sirens to come on, oh yeah have to love thunderstorms.

Didn’t watch sports last night since nothing was really on. No worries about that though, WNBA kicks off soon (HA).

Watched “Moola” with one of the Baldwin brothers in it, pretty much it was about a glow stick being stuck in a cows ass. North worth watching, so if you have showtime don’t bother watching it.

Links. It’s simple.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Everybody seems to be getting a reality show now-a-days [Laddy McFaddy]

Everyone loves off days in the NHL [The Sporting Blog]

Learn how to avoid handshakes [NESW]

Indiana changed the way people watch baseball, literally [Vent About Sports]

Soccer celebration turns into bus falling [Total Pro Sports]

Chris Mortensen was actually right [Sportress of Blogitude]

The truth about Entourage: sexual harassment [MoonDog]

The most pointless machine [Tasty Booze]

Classic works of art created today [Holy Taco]

She can’t be wrong, she has to be Wright [Head of Fred]

Amanda Isabelle is as fine as can be [Coed]

Sad with no babes this week but this chick can ooze the pain [on 205th]

Australians know how to show off [uncoached]

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