Nebraska’s Tara Mueller Sports Bikini, Shows Why College Beach Volleyball Will Rule

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Yesterday we checked in with USC volleyballer Jessica Gysin, who is dabbling with the AVP tour.

Today it’s time to introduce you to one of America’s best college volleyball players, Tara Mueller of Nebraska who is also spending some time this summer testing her game on the professional circuit.

Some forward thinking photographer snagged shots of Mueller in action, giving men a preview of what college beach volleyball would look like.

To say we’re impressed would be an understatement.

Mueller and her partner didn’t make it out of the Huntington AVP qualifier, lasting only 39 minutes, but long enough for the photog to snap shots that will now send Tara into blogosphere stardom.

But the real story here is the bikinis. The NCAA recently approved ‘sand’ volleyball for varsity competition in 2010-2011.

From the look of things, how is it even possible this sport doesn’t become an instant hit?

Throw Mueller up against Gysin, add in sun, some mixed drinks, tattoed fratties and you have a sport worthy of our attention.

The lockerroom photos should be interesting.

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[Tara Mueller Photo Credit]
[Tara Mueller Nebraska Photo Credit]

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