Missouri Hooters Waitress Bikini Car Wash Is Back! Get BMW Waxed By These Ladies!



If you were here last summer, you might remember the Implant Madness series where BC traveled the globe searching for moments where women were using their implants to make some extra scratch.

One of those stops last year was at a Missouri Hooters where ladies spend a weekend day washing cars. The waitresses are back with new outfits for 2009.

Think 1980’s Cinemax bikini car wash movies where some chick who would somehow lose her bikini and then all her friends would get naked too.

Except this modern-day version is SFW.


Looking to get the new BMW cleaned off while you slam down some brews and artery clogging wings?

Here is the location for the Springfield, Missouri Hooters. After about 15-20 minutes of search we’ve yet to find details on costs. Figure on spending $20 and a few bucks on tips.

This isn’t like taking the ride to the automatic. These women give your car special attention.

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