Former Hottest College Athlete – USC’s Jessica Gysin – Takes Game To AVP Tour


It has been awhile since we checked in with BC’s 2008 Hottest College Athlete – former USC volleyballer Jessica Gysin.

Then we came across some new photos of her at the AVP Tour stop at Huntington Beach a couple weeks ago.

And we must say that BC wasn’t disappointed. Ms. Gysin should now be classified as “One Of The Hottest Ladies On The AVP Tour.”

Trust us, we have analyzed this tour for the last two seasons. Jessica is on the leaderboard.

From what we can tell Ms. Gysin made her pro debut at the Huntington Beach AVP.

So, when she is famous and on Spike’s Guy Choice Awards, remember who broke this story of hotness.

Gysin and her partner, former USC teammate Alexandra Jupiter lost the qualifier so there is little more to report.

If you need to keep up with our subject, she Twitters for those who are into that form of communication.

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[USC’s Jessica Gysin In Running For America’s Hottest College Athlete Crown]

[Jessica Gysin Twitter]

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