Allison Stokke Upset In World's Sexiest Athlete Contest At Spike Guy's Choice Awards


Just as Allison Stokke was about to become a household name, making her possibly the first Internet sports star created by the blogosphere, the fun ended.

She was defeated. By some foreign chick named Biba. There were no speeches (still efforting red carpet video).

Sorry to ruin the June 21 broadcast of the Spike Guy’s Choice Awards. Allison Stokke failed Saturday in her quest to become the World’s Sexiest Athlete.


Not celebrating her new Spike Award.

Foreign table tennis-er player Biba Golic took home Sexiest honors, as Spike taped its show this weekend and will rebroadcast the even June 21 at 10 p.m. EST.

Other winners (via press release): (Hottest Girl On The Planet) Megan Fox, (Top Fantasy Leaguer) Dwayne Wade, (Hot ‘N Fresh) Malin Akerman, etc. You get the picture. Fox and Mila Kunis from the red carpet, here.

Here is your winner on the red carpet at the Spike Awards explaining her sport. Yeah, um, how about telling us something a little more interesting.

….and photos





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