The Afternoon Dump: Fans Have Fatigue, Tom Brady Returns, Boston Has No Respect, A Way To Say Goodbye, Sucks To Be Rob, Patriots Hot Cheerleaders And 34 Years Old Is Not Too Old


Lets celebrate with Ana, I know I want too.

Let’s see what happens in game 6. Lebron could make the comeback. The odds are against him though, nothing wrong with good games that come down to the buzzer.

I think girls who go in socks have problems, maybe their friends help, even more sick. [LINK]

Send me the links for Monday.

Afternoon Dump

Fans have fatigue from NBA playoffs [The Sporting Blog]

Will Tom Brady ever return to his greatness? [Total Pro Sports]

Dustin Colquitt turns to G-D [Laddy McFaddy]

One day a landmark case will be brought up, D-Bag v. A-Wipe [Sportress of Blogitude]

Boston has no love for their players [Vent About Sports]

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Heros, villains and everything in between [Bam! Kapow!]

The best way to lose your job on TV news [Crazy Dribble]

Messi wants your lollipop [Dirty Tackle]

Ven diagrams of popular movies and their black counterparts [Holy Taco]

It would suck to be this guy, his name is Rob [Tasty Booze]

Elisha Cuthbert can help any guy on any weekend [Sports Crackle Pop]

Hate the Patriots but this could be the hottest cheerleader they have [uncoached]

34 years old is not old at all, look at Marzia [Coed]

High School Cheerleader Takes Dump, Puts Crap Into Sock And Smears Enemy’s Locker
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