High School Cheerleader Takes Dump, Puts Crap Into Sock And Smears Enemy’s Locker


This is the type of story that makes getting up in the morning so friggin’ fun.

This story broke last week but some small Texas newspaper won’t let this story go away.

Here is the deal:

There was some sort of fracas between cheerleading factions at a Texas high school and 3 cheerleaders had the ultimate idea on how to exact revenge.


One made the ultimate decision to take a crap, somehow get the dump into a sock and then go to town on the enemy’s locker. The Bandera Bulletin reports that those who carried out the crime were freshmen.

What the Courier did not cover – since it was not directly substantiated by either BISD administration or law enforcement – was the action of three students who allegedly broke into another student’s locker. One of the three reportedly filled a sock with her feces and smeared it on the inside of the vandalized locker, ruining the clothes and contents of the locker.

What, police couldn’t find any evidence in that locker?

That’ not exactly coming out with Clorox. Maybe a powerwasher.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Instead of being cuffed, led out of school and booked into jail, the cheerleaders got their punishment from the school.

The students were given 10 days of in-school suspension and were ejected from the cheerleading squad for the remainder of the year.

Not sure what their school year is like but that’s not much of a suspension. What, they’ll miss rodeo season?

The Bandera County Courier is even editorializing about the incident and still questioning the superintendent.

There is a way to solve this: the cheerleader who was pranked gets to take a crap and throw it at the offender. Seems fair.

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