The Afternoon Dump: Memphis Cheats, White Sox Shortstop Sued, Matt Wieters Is To Be God, Rematch In Hockey, 65 Pictures of Awesomeness, Hugh Hefner Is A Player and How To Tell If They Are Real Or Not



Aida deserved to be a beauty queen.

Looks like Detroit won their conference. Good way to win it, in OT. Now that it is sudden death it is much more dramatic.

Could tonight be the final night for the Cavs or can the “King” keep them going again. I would like to see Ben Wallace get some dunks in, I mean everyone knows he sucks so if he scored 4 points everyone would think he is god.

Send me those links!

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Looks like Memphis has some explaining to do [MoonDog Sports]

White Sox shortstop sued for $20 million [Sportress of Blogitude]

Orioles want Matt Wieters to be their franchise player [Total Pro Sports]

1938 marked a special year, if you don’t know why then you have issues [Vent About Sports]

Mark Cuban finds pizza soothes the soul [Sports Crackle Pop]

A whole year later and the Stanley Cup has a rematch [The Sporting Blog]

65 pictures of Awesomeness [YepYep]

Hugh Hefner can get it on when he is at sporting events [Friends Of The Program]

The best music video you haven’t seen (Language NSFW) [Crazy Dribble]

Kendra has good fashion sense [Laddy McFaddy]

How to tell if your girlfriends boobs are fake or not [Coed]

Jeska Vardinski is a sexy punk rocker [HGOM]

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