Erin Andrews In Revealing Dancing With The Stars Outfits? YEESSSSSS!!!!


You know this is important news to go back to back with Erin Andrews’ stories.

Just crossing the Busted Coverage email wire is news via The Sporting News that Erin Andrews would actually welcome a stint on Dancing With The Stars.

“I want to do it, because I think I’d be good at it,” Andrews said yesterday, over a lunch of a hamburger and chicken noodle soup in downtown D.C.

Now, we’ve been called out for stalk-ish behavior when it comes to EA. What do you call this from TSN?

They tracked her down for lunch. We are rarely even in the same time zone as she is.


So, how bad does she desire DWTS stardom?

“I want to do it very badly,” she continued. “That’s the big push.”

Look, there isn’t a woman in sports that would bring in the viewers like Ms. Andrews. Now that she’s 31, frankly, there isn’t much time before the sideline reporting injuries start popping up.

Seize the day. Before long she’ll notice the bags under the eyes. The back starts to hurt.

Walking from the couch to the fridge becomes a pain in the ass. Trust us. We’re there.

ABC must get her on this show. Now. Just announce it already.

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