Daily Dump: Danica Patrick Penthouse Twitter, Red Wings Fan Gives The Finger, Liddell Uses HGH?, In Defense Of Mr. T, Bud Girls, Kardashian Sideboob And Jodie Marsh Now Bodybuilder



Need some bodypaint to get your day going. Plenty here.

Lakers-Orlando sounds just about right. As the NBA wanted.

Not much else going on in the sports world. NHL? ZZZZ…..

Futbol? ZZZZZZZZ…….

We spent time last night getting a good look at this upcoming Blogs With Balls conference to be held in a couple weeks.

Sounds interesting and will be a great chance to see your sports blogging heroes in person. Maybe even get a few autographs.



Today’s Dump:

Danica Patrick’s Penthouse Forum Twitter Post! [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Red Wings fan gives universal ‘f-you’ sign to ref [TotalProSports]

Chuck Liddell accused of using HGH by former friend [CageWriter]

Euros still going crazy over yesterdays Barcelona-Man U. match [Who Ate All The Pies]

In Brazil, futbol fans attack players – at practice [SportsRubbish]

Signs You’re At A Bad NASCAR Themed Wedding [All Left Turns]

Blogger comes to the defense of Mr. T [Rumors and Rants]

An explanation for the Vote For Manny campaign [It’s About The Money, Stupid]

Gallery: Flying Dogs!!! [Holy Taco]

Terminator Salvation – the deleted scene [The Bachelor Guy]

Woman blows up boyfriend’s package with firecracker [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

Craving a Bud? How about 100 Bud Girls? [Manofest]

Kardashian sideboob action [CelebSlam]

Underboob showing on this chick thanks to totally trashed wife beater [on205th]

Hot chicks with weird names [Gunaxin]

Natasha Marley – huge boner material [CamelTap]

Mixing Norwegian and Brazilian blood – the results [Uncoached]

Who knew Pakistani models could be this hot? [SaltyMilk]

Capture the flag – with nipples [Blog of Hilarity]

Dream on, pigs – you have no shot with the Hump Day Hotties [Funtasticus]

Bloggers chat it out with a SI swimsuit model [Flisted]

Jodie Marsh goes from stripper to bodybuilder [The Daily Fix]

Emma Stone – we adore your legs [UseMyComputer]

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