College Football ’09 Countdown: Becca Is An Ohio U. Bobcat Bikini Model Who Can’t Wait For Football



We continue our 16-part series “College Football Countdown ‘09″ with a closer look at Ohio U. 21-year-old bikini model Becca.

Art McGregor quest rolls on to find hot college chicks for Busted Coverage readers with this stop in Athens, Ohio. This is more proof that Art will not forget the mid-major fans who are totally jonesing for college football’s return.

“College Football Countdown ‘09″

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Do we know anything of substance about Becca?

Yeah, she was once in the same club during the 2007 NBA Draft festivities with Al Horford.

Seriously, if we were in the same room with Horford BC would probably just mistaken him for another tall black guy. These bikini models have radar for rich ballers.

Other important tidbits from Art McGregor’s research: her two favorite movies are “Say Anything” and “The Goofy Movie.”

Oh, and she will graduate in a couple weeks. Time to move to Hollywood!




becca_5 becca_7 becca_8






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