Long Beach’s Jose Lima Sings Happy Birthday To Calgary Fan Between Innings Of Game

Long Beach Jose Lima Sings Happy Birthday To Calgary Fan Btwn Innings

Jose Lima’s history behind the mic is well documented thanks to his wife’s cans.

Just think, a baseball player singing the anthem without giant implants next to him isn’t really a story.

Anyway, Lima just can’t get away from singing and is even doing it on the road as a member of the Long Beach Armada baseball team.

That’s right. Lima is still playing and even performs between innings for fans.

Ten Prairie Sticks has your full report from over the weekend:

Jose Lima sang happy birthday to a Vipers gal after the third inning. The former MLB allstar pitcher has an awesome voice. He was a lot more talkative (especially with a purple-shirted heckler) when Long Beach was winning. The final score, by the way, was 14-8 for Calgary (after trailing 4-0 after four and a half). My slowpitch games get scores like these.

This has to be one of the strangest minor league baseball promotions we’ve ever seen.

“Have Jose Lima Sing To You.”

Again, this was in Calgary. He plays for Long Beach. Think about this for a moment. Hey, when a man wants to sing you have to let him use the pipes.

We’re sure the girl will never forget this moment.

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