Jenn Sterger Has Indy 500 Photos & Tells How To Sweep Cowgirl Off Her Feet



You know the routine.

Jenn Sterger posts new photos (teases you with 5-7 pics),  posts a blog entry and suddenly she has her own day across the sports blogs.

She went to Indy so the photo theme is drink, cars and red carpet.

Hump Day is all hers.


From the latest Jenn Sterger cry-fest about not being able to find a guy:

My favorite date night.. is staying in. Making dinner, and watching a movie on the couch. After all, then you can just be yourself… talk.. and get to know what one another is really all about. I hate having to be “on” all the time, so this is when someone gets to know the real me.. the one behind the big hair.. the make up.. and all that nonsense.

See, this is where we have to interject. Women that are in the public eye might like this scenario because they watch too many Dane Cook movies, but this will get old to them after about 3 weekends.

As for physique…sitting in front of your computer all day probably won’t win Jenn’s heart.

I really value physical fitness. So while they may not be an athlete, they should at least take care of themselves. This also means no smoking. I mean, part of having a life with someone means making sure that lasts as long as it can. Unless you’re Al Bundy..

Are you funny?

Make me laugh. I have a guilty pleasure for funny men. They aren’t necessarily the best looking man in the room, but they are the ones that keep a smile on my face the longest.

Yeah, it’s always cool to ‘hang’ with the funny guy for a Thursday night happy hour run. But boyfriend material? Not buying this one. All men know what happens to the funny guy. He gets passed over for the 6-5, 225-lb. linebacker type who pounds vodka and Red Bull, drives a Nissan 370z and has a father who’s in law.

There is a huge list of do’s and don’ts at Jenn’s site.

Have 15 minutes of your life to waste wondering what a chick way out of your league is looking for in a guy?

This is for you. Read it, feel horrible and figure that life will always be a rut.

[Must Love Dogs: Jenn Sterger]


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