Daily Dump: Adriana Lima Is Pregnant, Win A Piece Of Yankee Stadium, Sickening Futbol Leg Snap, Today Show Bloopers, Ms. Great Britain, David Cassidy’s Daughter And Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hook-Ups



Still one of our favorite photos of ’09. More Joanna Krupa here.

See the first item in the Dump.

It really makes us sad to know that soon Adriana Lima will have a kid. We’re really getting old when Victoria’s Secret chicks are popping out children.

We’re also sad for Cleveland fan. This was going to be the year. Oh, shit!

3-1 Orlando.



Today’s Dump:

Marko Jaric has officially sperminated Adriana Lima [The Hoop Doctors]

Win a piece of the original Yankee Stadium, rub it for good luck [Bachelor Guy]

10 Sports-Themed Domains To Buy Today! [Uncoached]

Don’t watch this futboler’s leg snap on a weak stomach [TotalProSports]

Great Moments In Racing Rain Delays (think wet Ashley Judd) [All Left Turns]

Mascot gets in a straight right on futbolers face [Off the Post]

More than 10 Reasons To Hate The Denver Nuggets [Rumors and Rants]

10 Female Comedians Almost As Funny As Dane Cook [Coed]

Americans dominate at 2009 World Beard & ‘Stache Championships [Flisted]

Flow Chart To What Happens To Guys At Summer Cookouts [HolyTaco]

Into Today’s Show bloopers? This should quench your thirst [Manofest]

Today’s Tail:

Ms. Great Britain crowned, has some serious boob action [on205th]

Shauna Sand and giant implants hit the beach [Celebslam]

David Cassidy’s daughter does June issue of Maxim [SaltyMilk]

Just imagine…that moron Cristiano Ronaldo has hooked up with these women [SportsCracklePop]

Plenty of T&A with an emphasis on A [Funtasticus]

Need more? Here you go [Wii Hotties]

Someone really needs to keep bikinis away from Pam Anderson [Celebridiot]

Ashlee Jordan could use your help [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

This is what Indian men are lusting after this month [DJ Mick]

AVP Beach Volleyball is back! [OC Register]

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