Jenna Prepares For Biggest Moment Of Young Life, Hopes To Get Naked For Playboy



From: The desk of Busted Coverage Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor.

RE: Major League Nudity prospect Jenna prepares for biggest moment of her life – taking off clothes for a Playboy photographer. Art ties together getting naked for Playboy and baseball tryouts. Seriously. (Photos included.)

Remember tryouts for youth baseball in the spring?

Having lived in cold weather locales, ours usually took place in some old middle school gym. Fresh grass? Not so much. Unless they checked out that one kid with the mustache’s locker.


These efforts to pick teams happened on a Saturday morning. The 60-foot court with basketball hoops hanging all over the place usually made for a real conducive environment for the coaches and players.

Two worse environments for anything:

1. High school for learning
2. The local middle school gym for baseball tryouts on the third spring in March between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The Playboy Mansion sounds like a better option. Definitely for No. 2 (lots of green in that outfield, well, er, you know) and perhaps even for No. 1. We can assume most high school fellas would be at full attention at “The Mansion.”


Phoenix’s Jenna will be attending a Playboy tryout on Thursday, June 18 at the Playboy Mansion. She has been “waiting to have the opportunity for a very long time.”

I’m interested to see what happens. In this day and age, you can actually use the words “she looks the type to try out for Playboy and ‘American Idol’ ” and people would know what you’re talking about. Not that we rely only on words at Busted Coverage.


How is Playboy going to say no to Jenna? I give the 2005 high school graduate credit. She moved from the midwest to Phoenix and now is looking to make that next step.

I don’t know what that step is but it does involve her removing some more clothes.

She’s no minor leaguer but we at BC do enjoy giving you a sneak peek at a prospect like Jenna.


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