Video: Columbus Crash-A-Rama Ends With Two Buses Going Through Wall, Into Crowd


columbus-bus-crash-crash-a-ramaThis is why you don’t race buses.

They are big, dangerous and can go through a restraining wall.

That’s exactly what happened in Columbus, Ohio this weekend as some punk with Toyota painted on his ride ass ended another bus, sending it flying into the wall and through a fence which then causes sparks to fly and people to flee the carnage.

Video of the hysteria after the jump.

From the AP:

Columbus Fire Captain Scott Krummel says 11 people were taken to hospitals with mostly cuts and bruises and some ankle injuries.

The Columbus media is on this one with continuing team coverage:

“Every Saturday night there’s some sort of an accident,” said owner Jeff Nuckles. Nuckles son was behind the wheel of a bus that flipped on its side Saturday night. He was not injured.

Nuckles said he will now evaluate the bus racing event to determine if it’s appropriate.

Nuckles wants to get the wall fixed for next weekend’s events.

Seems logical to us. People flee for their lives, barely survive a huge bus coming through a wall and the racetrack doesn’t miss a beat.

Hey, at least it wasn’t full of kids. Now that would be some exciting racing.

[Despite Crash, Races To Continue At Speedway]

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