Daily Dump: Cavs Huge With Local Cleveland Media, Rashad Evans Gets Dropped, Shockey KO’ed, John Daly Wears Pink, Babes Of French Open And Doutzen Kroes On Some Boat



Seems logical: a peek at Russian Maxim on Memorial Day.

We’re back for the week.

Great weather, good drinks, someone got a DUI on a golf cart.

It’s been an eventful Memorial Day weekend.

Didn’t watch a single lap of Indy. Didn’t watch a single minute of NBA playoffs or NHL. Did watch a couple innings of Phils vs. Yanks.

We’ll be here all day.



Today’s Dump:

Cleveland TV station obviously rooting for Cavs [HoopDoctors]

The punch sequence that dropped Rashad Evans [CagePotato]

Jeremy Shockey KO’ed by Rehab Las Vegas party, carried out on stretcher [InGameNow]

John Daly wears pink pants at tourney in honor of Amy Mickelson [Devil Golf]

Ron Gardenhire sweet talks ump into changing a call [TotalProSports]

Babes of the French Open in case that is your thing [Coed]

Ladies of Memorial Day: a picture gallery for men who like women in uniform [Gunaxin]

Doutzen Kroes makes an appearance on some boat, cameras were snapping [on205th]

YESSS! Paris Hilton gets thrown off some Cannes boat party [Flisted]

The doctor who gave Erin implants should be proud of his work [Uncoached]

This should keep you busy if cookout gets rained out – bikinis [CelebSlam]

V Magazine 2009 Swimsuit Issue [UseMyComputer]

Summer: time for women to break out the white pants [MaddenCowboy]

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