Top Internet Era Drunken Moments In Indy 500 History


“This looks like a great place to take a nap until they go green again.”

It’s that time again for people of the Midwest.

Time to act like you enjoy Indy 500 racing but really just treat this weekend as a chance to get drunk on the infield and forget who won the race the morning after.

There have been quite a few great moments for drunken Indy 500 patrons acting like fools.

Here is just a small sampling of that stupidity to get you ready for your Memorial Day weekend.

Top Internet Era Drunken Moments In Indy 500 History” after the jump.


Walk A Straight Line My Ass


Beer-Uh-Mid Building On Passed Out Drunken Friend


Mud Slide Fail For This Chick (13-Sec Mark)




Great use of that free Go Daddy shirt picked up pre-race.


And of course the drunk chick we captured from last year’s infield bash.



And, finally, after 18-20 beers men ac like they’ve never seen boobies.

It’s Preakness Weekend – Time To Get Trashed!
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