Labancz Lilla Shows That Euro Handball Courts Can Be Sexy Spots To Shoot FHM Photos

Not coming to U.S. – wedgie arena seats.


Now there is a sport we don’t dabble in very often.

Then FHM Hungary stuck model Labancz Lilla in some basketball/handball arena and gave her some pom poms and high heels.

The result is a photoshoot that makes us pay attention to handball for the first time in our lives.

Old wooden benches in handball arenas?

We don’t think so!

Those are some nice plastic ass molded seats without backs. What about my padded flip up seat I carry to college football stadiums. So American. There is a reason seats like these haven’t made it to U.S. arenas. Our asses would take up at least two making ticketing a huge f-ing problem.

These seats look like some kind of McDonald’s kid’s chair from the 80’s. Those things sucked. That ridge rides right up the crack of your ass. Imagine sitting in one of those for 2-3 hours or however long handball lasts with a huge wedgie. Not us.

Anyway, Ms. Lilla even has a video to accompany this shoot where you can see her go through multiple clothing changes and use a handball goal as her own personal swingset.

Soccer has been put on notice. Sex it up or you’re out of our lives.

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