Kansas City Royals Fans Will Kick Some Ass Even In The Stadium Kids Play Area



Kansas City, a city where your baseball team will leave you angry and ready to fight.

This brawl happened in the kids play area at the park. An area that, under normal circumstances, would be a sanctuary to take the little snot nosed punks to get them away from drunk KC idiots.

And then this happened Sunday.

Witnesses said the foursome began shouting and cursing at each other and then began exchanging blows. One woman was knocked to the ground, where the other woman began kicking her, according to the police report.

“We peek around the corner expecting to see kids fighting, but it’s four adults right on the playground,” said Laura Phipps, who witnessed the fight.

Well, if the Royals are going to suck the fans might as well get some sort of entertainment.

The beers are expensive, the hot dogs are way overpriced and the team blows. Time to smash some heads into the ground.

Believe us when we say a video of this would make our week complete. Actually, if someone has this video we might even throw you a few bones.

Try us.

[Sports Rubbish]

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