Daily Dump: Rick Fox Sister Photos To Peruse, Kim Kardashian Throws Football, Olympic Torch Looks Like Joint, Festival De Cans, WAG Clio Pajczer And Marisa Miller Does Ellen

Rick Fox Sister Photos To Peruse, Kim Kardashian Throws Football

Hayley seems to be a big fan of OU and the Dallas Mavs.

That’s not how it was supposed to go.

Cavs lose and David Stern is officially down a quarter inch on the nails.

And we didn’t watch a single minute of that game. Are you kidding? The American Idol finale was on and there was even bikini action during the show.

Wake us up when the Cavs-Magic game is at Game 7.



Today’s Dump:

Rick Fox’s sister has some new photos in time for NBA Finals [on205th]

Kim Kardashian shows off her football throwing technique in a bikini [CamelTap]

Drunk NASCAR fans take horse instead of car, pulled over for DUI [All Left Turns]

Vancouver Olympic torch looks like Michael Phelps should start smoking it [TotalProSports]

Independence Bowl now sponsored by supplement company – gift bags should be fun [FOTP]

Bloggers join Adult Friend Finder – Part 6 (journey home) [Holy Taco]

Pretty much wrong but you’ll click – The Helen Keller Experience [Blog of Hilarity]

Top Websites To Laugh At Others [YepYep]

25 Inappropriate Moments With Ronald McDonald [Manofest]

Mini Marily Manson interview is pretty solid way to destroy 5 minutes of your day [Gunaxin]

Today’s Tail:

An amazing post – Festival de Cans [Coed]

Speaking of cans, WAG Clio Pajczer gives you some hand bra action [SaltyMilk]

Need more hand bras? Here are plenty [Phil Knows Best]

Marisa Miller does Ellen show [Don Chavez]

No way, no how – Christina will not be coached in this life [Uncoached]

A woman you’ll be seeing plenty of – Moon Bloodgood [ScreenJunkies]

Holly Madison attends World’s Largest Bikini Parade [UseMyComputer]

Britney Spears is on vacation which means bikini photos! [CelebSlam]

The dismantling of the Chinese Sex Amusement Park [Flisted]

Shall we check in with our Hump Day Hottie friends? [Funtasticus]

5 Women Who One Blogger Would Cast In Ghostbusters [Cuzoogle]

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