Daily Dump: Rick Fox Sister Photos To Peruse, Kim Kardashian Throws Football, Olympic Torch Looks Like Joint, Festival De Cans, WAG Clio Pajczer And Marisa Miller Does Ellen



Hayley seems to be a big fan of OU and the Dallas Mavs.

That’s not how it was supposed to go.

Cavs lose and David Stern is officially down a quarter inch on the nails.

And we didn’t watch a single minute of that game. Are you kidding? The American Idol finale was on and there was even bikini action during the show.

Wake us up when the Cavs-Magic game is at Game 7.



Today’s Dump:

Rick Fox’s sister has some new photos in time for NBA Finals [on205th]

Kim Kardashian shows off her football throwing technique in a bikini [CamelTap]

Drunk NASCAR fans take horse instead of car, pulled over for DUI [All Left Turns]

Vancouver Olympic torch looks like Michael Phelps should start smoking it [TotalProSports]

Independence Bowl now sponsored by supplement company – gift bags should be fun [FOTP]

Bloggers join Adult Friend Finder – Part 6 (journey home) [Holy Taco]

Pretty much wrong but you’ll click – The Helen Keller Experience [Blog of Hilarity]

Top Websites To Laugh At Others [YepYep]

25 Inappropriate Moments With Ronald McDonald [Manofest]

Mini Marily Manson interview is pretty solid way to destroy 5 minutes of your day [Gunaxin]

Today’s Tail:

An amazing post – Festival de Cans [Coed]

Speaking of cans, WAG Clio Pajczer gives you some hand bra action [SaltyMilk]

Need more hand bras? Here are plenty [Phil Knows Best]

Marisa Miller does Ellen show [Don Chavez]

No way, no how – Christina will not be coached in this life [Uncoached]

A woman you’ll be seeing plenty of – Moon Bloodgood [ScreenJunkies]

Holly Madison attends World’s Largest Bikini Parade [UseMyComputer]

Britney Spears is on vacation which means bikini photos! [CelebSlam]

The dismantling of the Chinese Sex Amusement Park [Flisted]

Shall we check in with our Hump Day Hottie friends? [Funtasticus]

5 Women Who One Blogger Would Cast In Ghostbusters [Cuzoogle]

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