Cuff ‘Em: Jillian McCarney Admits Guilt, Daddy Dan Couldn’t Get Charges Dropped



She was so confident that the law didn’t apply to her.

This just goes to show that Dan McCarney doesn’t have any pull these days in Iowa.

In the end, he couldn’t get charges dropped for his dopey daughter.

The plea is in…Jillian McCarney now says “sorry, I did it.”


Remember Dan McCarney’s drunken daughter telling police “her father would fight them and claimed charges would be dropped because of her name and because they have “a lot of money.”

Yeah, that would be former Iowa State Dan McCarney’s daughter.

She has entered a guilty plea, the AP is reporting.

Court records say she was granted a deferred judgment Wednesday and will be on probation for a year.

So anticlimatic. We were really hoping for a court case complete with witnesses, police taking the stand, Jillian crying for daddy as she’s led away in cuffs.

Sometimes dreams don’t come true for us.

[McCarney’s daughter pleads guilty, gets probation]

[Jillian McCarney Kicks Police Ass, Knows People Who Get Arrest Charges Dropped]

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