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Lunchtime Lust: Sara Luppnio Does Solo
Sara Luppnio – See more hot women

From The Sara Luppnio File:

Birth Class: ’88

From: Columbus, Ohio

Famous Quote: “I want to be the biggest porn star without EVER having to f@ck anybody!”

Assets: Those that porn stars usually have

Hobbies: Gay Rights Movement, Animal Rights

You pervs probably know Ms. Luppnio by her screen name, Sara St. James.

Sara only does solo, and has been quoted as saying she never will go Girl/Girl or Boy/Girl.

That is totally cool. Now her grandmother won’t have to chide her for blowing some guy or being in a sex scene with some trashy dike.

It’s really a win-win situation for all involved.

More of Ms. Luppnio.

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