The Afternoon Dump: Plaxico Has Two Offers, Ortiz Leaves Boston, Lebron Likes His Trick Shots, Jeremy Guthrie Has A Dedicated Fan, Roberta Has A Tan, and A Romanian Hottie



Sara is Canadian, believe it or not.

Two days until I turn 20. It is the time when I start to receive cards with some money in it. Have to love it!

After I picked up my new Purdue hat, I was driving home when a women pulled up next to me. She asked me “is that Eminem you are listening too?” I replied “no, it is a small group out of Atlanta” then she said “well it sounds like him, but good music you are listening to hun.” It was a weird coincidence that I was listening to “Going Digital” by The Alliance. Have to  love the cd’s you put in that you don’t remember what songs are on them.

Hope you guys are enjoying the new post “Click-A-Chick”.

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Afternoon Dump

Oh what team shall Plaxico go too [Laddy McFaddy]

Will Ortiz leave Boston? [Sports Crackle Pop]

Lebron James makes yet another trick shot [Outside The Scorebox]

Jeremy Guthrie has an insane fan and shes a chick! [NESW Sports]

The Tigers till kick ass even with amateur players [Vent About Sports]

Dick Cheney doesn’t like baseball, seriously what is wrong with this man. . . [Sportress of Blogitude]

K-Mart style is an apple from a oak tree [The Sporting Blog]

Roberta Vasques has some major side boob [MoonDog Sports]

Rashel likes year around tans [Hottest Girls of Myspace]

Chelsea to get you through the night [Coed]

International day it seems like since this Romanian hottie appears [Uncoache]

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