11 Or So Greatest Moments In Ladies College Football Clinic Estrogen Madness

Snap! A couple weeks back for the ’09 Gamecocks Ladies Day.

For some reason we came across more photos of grown women fawning over college football players during a ladies clinic.

This time it was at South Carolina, back in April, where Steve Spurrier found players willing to hit the weight racks (minus the Under Armour) so the horny house wives could get a look at what’s doing under that uniform.

And, of course the ladies went nuts. Open mouths. Cameras snapping. Thoughts. Dreams. Divorces.

This wouldn’t be the first time that this type of behavior has been evident at a ladies day.

In fact, we now have enough photos to do the “11 Or So Greatest Moments In Hitory Of Ladies Football Clinic Estrogen Madness.”

More from South Carolina:

What’s up with watching college guys doing sit-ups? We totally understand wanting to see some hardbodied college guy throwing up some plates, but we need action and guys laying on a mat looking like they are giving birth probably can be erased from future women’s clinics.

Who Can Forget Virginia Tech 2008?:

Footballers were asked to remove clothes so women could justify spending a stupid amount of money to get nothing more than a tour of a college institution’s athletic facilities.

The Clemson Mandingo Show:

Tigers stud footballer and baseballer Kyle Parker before hitting weights.

Where Marshall Ladies Go Nuts For Guns and Buns:

[Photo Credit: Mark Webb]

Even The Christians Show Skin (TCU 2006):

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